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Human Bone marrow Erythroleukemia cell line TF-1

Organism: Homo sapiens (human)
Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 35 years old
Gender: male
Tissue: Bone marrow
Morphology: lymphoblast
Celltype: Erythroleukemia; erythroblast
Growth Properties: Suspension
Description: The TF-1 cell line has been established by T. Kitamura in October 1987 from a heparinised bone marrow aspiration sample from an erytholeukemic patient. TF-1 cells proliferate depending on the GM-CSF and IL-3. The morphological and cytochemical features, plus the constitutive expression of globin genes, indicate the commitment of the cells to the erythroid lineage. TPA induces a dramatic differentiation into macrophage-like cells.