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Human Burkitt lymphoma cell line EB1

Organism: Homo sapiens (human)
Ethnicity: Black
Age: 9 years old
Gender: Female
Tissue: Burkitt Lymphoma
Morphology: Lymphoblast
Cell type: B lymphocyte
Growth Properties: Suspension, Cluster
Description: The EB1 cell line was isolated by M.A. Epstein and Y.M. Barr in 1963 from biopsy fragments and cell clumps of a lymphoma. These were seeded into Insulin bottles in Eagle's basal medium with 10% human serum and fed by medium addition. The cells grew as free-floating singel individuals or doublets with a mean doubling time of about 48 hrs and were identified as altered lymphoblasts on the basis of growth and uniform morphology.

Klasse I:
HLA-A: A*29:02:01,*31:04:01
HLA-B: B*47:03,*57:03:01
HLA-C: C*07:01:02,*07:18:01
HLA-E: E*01:03:01,*01:13
Klasse II:
DRB1: DRB1*11:02:01,*13:02:01
DQA1: DQA1*01:02:01,*05:05:01
DQB1: DQB1*03:01,*06:04:01
DPB1: DPB1*13:01:01G,*30:01:01